Why are slot machines full of fruit?

You have probably already wondered why the famous reel of slot machines only presents you with fruit? Well today we decided to clear up this mystery with you! Yes yes, let’s go!

But where do these delicious symbols come from?

Years far back, these machines were majestically deployed in snack bars, bars, fast foods of all kinds, but now it is on the web that they delight online enthusiasts. At any online casino, you can access an unlimited number of such slot machines. But why fruit?

In fact, if you ever remember a bit of its history, its inventor, Charles Frey had the idea of ​​drawing on the reels of his famous machine any type of object as a symbol of the game: bell, horseshoe, diamond , spades, hearts, and so on…

But from the 1910s, American regulations entered the gambling sector by deciding to ban games of chance. As you can imagine, slot machines, governed mainly by chance, could not escape the rule. To circumvent this legal obstacle, a little genius then had the brilliant idea of ​​transforming these slot machines into chewing-gum vending machines! This is where these fruity symbols finally land: the new reels diffuse the different fruity flavors of the chewing gums possible to win in these candy machines. Now everything makes sense in this unique story of fruity candies!

From now on, even if the legislation has become more flexible concerning slot machines, these original symbols have remained preserved by tradition but not only…

Players’ behavior showed operators that colorful fruits powerfully control their emotions. And this phenomenon of influence even goes beyond the game since the flamboyant colors would seem to put the players in a good mood and give them a real boost. But beware, this hypothesis even goes beyond sight and would also concern touch. These thirst-quenching fruits would have an unconscious impact on the sense of taste. It is therefore not for nothing that you tend to come across very juicy fruit symbols full of sunshine to encourage you to press the famous “spin” button!

Now you now know why slot machines never tire players. Although quite old-fashioned (as the old “compatriots” would say), the fruit theme remains timeless and always attractive for Gambling enthusiasts. The power of colors is stunning and slot editors know how to make the machine work