Mobile gambling is not spared from the restrictions

Despite the fact that there are plenty of mobile casino apps available on the App Store, there are some considerations players should take into account before attempting to download them to their iPads or especially iPhones. For example, whether or not they would be able to use the apps to play for real money on their handheld devices largely depends on the country of origin in which the players reside.

In some countries like the United States, Turkey and China for example, gambling in physical casinos is legal but at the same time betting and especially betting for real money on online site platforms is strictly prohibited. Well, this prohibition also applies to mobile casino applications and the App Store complies with this prohibition.

For example, on the “Guidelines” page of the App Store, it is specifically stated that applications offering real money games of skill or probability such as lotteries, sports betting, poker, etc., require a license and permission to operate in the country where said casino apps are downloaded and can only be used in those places. A free download of mobile casino apps is also required.

These conditions explain why players residing in countries like the United States are prohibited from downloading such apps, let alone using them to bet in mobile casinos on their iPhones or iPads.

Suddenly, because of this, casino operators have started to develop and provide mobile applications on their own websites to somehow circumvent this regulatory system. Of course, these apps are compatible with most popular operating systems, including Android and iOS. Players can download such applications to their portable devices directly from the official webpage of their favorite casino.

This tactic, carried out by the best online casinos on the web, among others, is proving to be extremely judicious in order to avoid losing many loyal customers due to such obstacles. From now on, they no longer need to book a plane ticket to fly to destinations allowing online or even mobile casino games to fulfill their greatest wishes! And it is true that it can be frustrating, even annoying to have to spend so much money to be able to access your favorite activity on the best casinos around the world. But now you won’t have to worry about this little detail, place your bets.